Air-bearing SAV-IAB110

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Air bearing is a functional test infrastructure for satellite Attitude Determination and Control Subsystems (ADCS). Its working procedure and frictionless movement simulates the zero-g condition which Satellite experience in the orbit. By using this, satellite is capable to rotate around 3 axis roll, pitch and yaw.

Air bearing is necessary to evaluate the ADCS Algorithms and Softwares. Also, the performance of Actuators and sensors of the satellite can be tested in real situation to minimize the risk of error.

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  • Cleanroom compatible
  • Diameter up to 150 mm
  • Operating pressure from 30 psi to 90 psi (207 kPa to 621 kPa)
  • Low inertia, rotatable in three directions
  • Load capacity to 635 kg, tip/tilt range to ±45°
  • Ideal for satellite control and simulation of weightlessness

Main Specifications

Active axes                                                                                                                     θX θY θZ

Rotation range in θX                                                                                                          60 °

Rotation range in θY                                                                                                          60 °

Rotation range in θZ                                                                                                         360 °

Moment of inertia in θX, unloaded                                                                     4210 kg·mm²

Moment of inertia in θY, unloaded2                                                                    4210 kg·mm²

Material                                                                                                                 Hardcoat aluminum

Operating pressure                                                                                     515 to 585 kpa(75 to 85 psi)

Air consumption                                                                                                    28 L/min

Air quality                              Clean (filtered up to 1.0 µm or better) – ISO 8573–1 class 1 Oil free – ISO 8573–1 class 1 Dry                                              (-15 °C dew point) – ISO 8573–1 class 10

Load capacity                                                                                                               635 kg


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