Magnetorquer SAV-AMT110

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Magnetorquer is one of the practical actuators which generates magnetic Torques and changes the total momentum of the satellite. Its used to control the attitude of satellite beside other actuators like reaction wheel or thruster.

The type of alloys used to make these actuators is very crucial. In other words, the high magnetic permeability coefficient of the nucleus and the low magnetic residue in the nucleus are very important.

The linearity of the magnetic field generated by this actuator as well as the current and time characteristics when the core is saturated are  very important parameters in this actuator.

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Nominal Magnetic Dipole Strength @  5 V                                                       0.2 Am2

Physical Configuration                                2 Magnetorquer Rods With Soft Magnet and 1 Magnetorquer Coil

Linearity                                                                                   +/- 5% Across Operating Design Range

Residual Moment                                                                                                <0.01Am2

Power Supply                                                                                                                   5 V

Update rate                                                                                                                       5 Hz

Data Interface                                                                                                             CAN, I2C

Including Detumbling Algorithm                                                                                Yes

Current Sensors For Each Torquers                                                                           Yes

Can Be Used To Desaturate Reaction Wheel                                                            Yes

Temperature Sensor                                                                                                           Yes

Connector                                                                                                                         PC104

Latch Up Protection                                                                             Constant Current Monitoring


  • Maximum (3 Axis)                                                                                                       1.2 W
  • Idle Mode                                                                                                                      0.2 W



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