OBC Board SAV-EOB110

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This On Board Computer, based on Hercules microcontroller with integrated safety features, is designed as the central processor for high reliable space applications. The module is resistant to radiation effects and guarantees 3 years reliable operation in LEO missions. All environmental tests are subjected to ECSS-10-03 standard.

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  • Based on Hercules TMS570
  • UP to 180 MHZ
  • LockStep CPUs
  • ECC on Flash and RAM
  • CPU Built-In Self-Test (BIST) controller
  • Memory BIST on CPU and peripheral RAMS
  • 3× CAN 2.0B
  • 2× RS-422, RS-485
  •  24 channel 10 bit ADC


  • Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +70 °C
  • Shock: 500 g @ 1000 Hz
  • Vibration: 15 g sine, 15 grms random
  • Radiation: 15 krad total dose, Latch-up immunity, SEU tolerant
  • EMI tests: MIL-STD-461



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